Finding Ubuntu Project Management Software Is Worth It

Making the switched to Ubuntu Linux is an exciting, but at times difficult, process. Despite the low cost of ownership of Ubuntu and the wealth of support given, we still live in a Windows based world. Ubuntu often comes bundled with a light weight clone of some of the leading project management programs which may be fine for many uses; however you may need more robust solutions in your business. Thankfully, due to dramatic advances in web technology, web based solutions are now available in the Ubuntu project management software market.

Ubuntu project management software need not be "watered down" imitations of the leading old school project management programs, nor must it be expensive. A prime example of affordable and powerful project management is provided by Element Software. Their product, Copper, is both affordable and powerful and gives great description of the project management process. It is now used by some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world. Copper offers powerful collaborative features which make the task of organizing and utilizing contractors or personnel at the far reaches of the globe a piece of cake. They do not even have to have Ubuntu or Linux at all to participate in your project being hosted or powered by Copper. All they need to participate is a PC, Mac, or iPhone. Pretty much anything with a modern web browser will work! many people think having project management software compatible with Outlook is a good thing, though this is not essential.

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Web based Ubuntu project management software from Copper can be either purchased for download onto your own server, or a low cost hosting service is available from Element Software. Element also offers a range of different hosting packages for Copper, meaning it can be used both for personal projects and in the Enterprise market. A vibrant community is available for support as well as the experts at Element Software should you need advice, an introduction to Copper, or have an issue with the product.

Other web based Ubuntu project management software is available in addition to Copper. You may need to check with the manufacturer to be sure that their product is compatible with Ubuntu but there is a very good chance it is. Be proud of your decision to use Ubuntu and enjoy the power and reliability Linux has to offer you. The number of good quality Ubuntu project management software solutions will only continue to grow as more and more people make the switch to Ubuntu and other Linux based distributions. Good luck with your projects.