Information on Free Web Based Project Management

If you run a business or an organization, you know how important that project management is to your success. If everyone is not on the same page, or if they are not sure of what they are supposed to be doing, any project is bound for trouble or even failure. To ensure that teams and organizations can work together seamlessly, there are a wide variety of free web based project management suites that are available. The advantage of a free web based project management software suite is that not only is there no cost to use them, but they also enable everyone to log into the software from whatever location they are at. Instead of someone having to go into the office to update their project status, web based software allows anyone with an internet connection to log into the system from anywhere.

A successful free web based project management software suite offers calendars, to do lists, completed task lists, and a messaging system that includes chat and forums. You will also want a project management system that offers file storage so that users can upload documents and spreadsheets related to the project. Most of these online packages have the ability to upgrade their services to give you more features and options, or expand existing ones, should the need arise.

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Here is a short list of some of the best free web based project management suites that are available:

Zoho Projects is a website that offers free and paid project management software suites, and the software is completely online, so you do not have to download or install a program. The sign up is simple and can be completed within a minute or two. Zoho Projects allows you to create milestones, track working hours, manage files and create Gantt charts. This site also allows you to use a forum to communicate within the project members, and can even set up meetings between users.

WhoDoes 2.0 is another website that offers no charge and paid project management tools. They also are web based, so they do not require any programs to be installed. The software is designed by Wavegroup, which is a business that focuses on business communication and system integration. WhoDoes 2.0 offers the ability to create daily to do lists, assign tasks and due-dates, and set levels of importance for each task. This software package is unique because it is available in not just English but Spanish and Italien as well.

AceProject is another versatile online software project management tool that does not require a software install. This program focuses on tracking time and expenses related to a project; however, this package also allows you to assign and follow tasks as other packages do. Using the information put into the project tracker, this utility will allow you to generate reports and show productivity based on the actions and completed and uncompleted tasks of users.