Openoffice Project Management Software Information

If you have been waiting for openoffice project management software you might need to wait a little longer because open office does not have this software, at least not yet. The common products from open office that are commonly used are; word processing software, presentation software and spreadsheet software as well. However, there are other options that are offered in open office for project management is available for users to utilize them for the same purpose. The use of one will depend on the need of the user. One of the software programs is Gantt Project which is project management software that is based on the Gantt chart. This software enables the user to create projects and assign human resources while collaborating with other software. Other Software that can serve the same functions as open office project management software is called OpenProj with various project management capabilities. This software allows users to perform similar tasks as they would with openoffice project management software such as Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams and WBS charts among others. Open Workbench is project management software focuses on effort-based scheduling over Project’s duration scheduling. This is one of the common project management software out there. Any project manager who want software that can be used in focusing on effort-based scheduling and not project duration scheduling can utilize this software.

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Project-Open enables the user to have multiple tracking, financial management features and a detailed reporting feature. For project managers who need a complete project suite, Project-Open is the greatest tool for the job. DotProject is another volunteer effort program that is designed to offer assistance to the project mangers’ day to day basis for project management. It features certain tools such as time sheets, Gantt Charts, file tracking and invoices. Finally, Feng Office which was formerly called Open Goo is a project management software solution that also features an office platform too. This is the kind of software that a project manager who would want all their utilities in one workspace they would be consider using. However, this particular software is a service program that is available for a subscription fee every month and not entirely free as the other open office software programs. All the above software programs offer alternative openoffice project management software for project managers who prefer using Open Office software for project management.

These programs are cheap to get and very easy to use because the user can customize the software to fit their special needs. It is also very easy to download and install the software programs and this makes them very efficient. While still the wait for the actual openoffice project management software, project manager can utilize the above software programs which can offer similar tools and features as the actual openoffice project management software would do for the managers. These software programs are still good for project management purposes.