Endeavour Software Project Management Guide

Endeavour software project management is an open-source software solution used for managing large enterprise software assignments. It was established in 2008 with the aim of providing a replacement of the costly and more complex project management systems. Some of the features of the endeavor software project management are its ability to offer support to the following artifacts; projects, project plans, change requests, iterations, defect tracking, test cases and plans, actors, project Wiki, developer management among others. It can be deployed in a server that uses Java EE-complaint application. It can also work in several relational databases on several operating systems and its cross-browser capabilities enables it run on most of the available web browsers.

The installation process of the software is very easy. Its use is also made easy by the fact that all features that are not really used or required in it are eliminated making it very realistic and intuitive. It is used to managing large scale enterprise projects which happens in the feedback loop system. It makes the administration of the software process artifacts very easy, collaboration and report for the relevant stakeholders of the entire project and organization is also made easy using this open-source software. Since the software was released, it has experienced several modifications which have been made to respond to a few issues that might have arisen in the first place. Some of the modifications include integration errors which are with respect to Project Wiki being fixed; a successful implementation of a security group was also made which enabled access to other features, search criteria was also made possible through Use Case, Change Requests and Task listing as well. There have been over 150 modifications made to enable the user ease and flexibility while using the software. This software is great for business enterprises or organizations that have large scale projects which need careful and efficient management of the systems. It is cheap because it is for free of charge and the fact that it can be modified according by to the user to suit his or her needs is one of the reasons why it is very ideal and commonly used.

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There are different versions of endeavour software project management that have been released with all having different features and improvements from the previous versions. Some of the uses the endeavour software project management can be put into are; iterative and incremental development, issue tracking and integrated Wiki among several others. Being released under GNU General Public License means that it is free to users. It is a great choice for most project managers.