Information about Cheap Project Management Software programs

There are several project management software programs out there but some of them are very expensive, which are typically the commercial software programs, while there are others that are slightly cheaper and some completely free of charge. For any organization, being able to get cheap software programs would be ideal so that they can save on costs of running their projects. The most equipped tools would be the commercial software that would require a little of financial investment but there are others that are free and although they are not full-featured, they still operate very well in project management. So, any project manager who has been looking for cheap project management software they can try using any of the following detailed below. They are either totally free or they will need a small financial investment as compared to other commercial software programs.

jxProject is a free application that has many of the features that are included in a complete project management software such as resource scheduling, task dependencies, resource leveling and timeline formatting among others. This particular tool comes free because it has advertisements but if the user wants a version that has no advertisements they can opt getting another version of jxProject that is for just $ 20.00. dotProject is an open source software program that helps the project manager to structure and schedule their work. In case the user has questions relating to the software program, there is a forum that is manned by volunteers and it can be accessed from the main site. These volunteers help in solving related issues with the software program. Other program announcements are made through the website’s blog and it can be accessed through the software program. This is a great cheap project management software program because the volunteers offer the needed support to the users of the program.

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GanttProject is free open source software that enables the user to create Gantt charts, PERT charts, assign resources and plan collaboration. It has a very useful user forum and blog that the users of the software program can get some help and assistance from the other users and share their experiences about the software program. Open Workbench is open source cheap project management software that is considered as a competitor to the commercial Microsoft Project. The website of the Open Workbench has a comparison which is detailed about the two packages. This program is sponsored by CA which is the manufacturer of Clarity products which are not free. SugarCRM is open source software that was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. It features a user forum that the project manager can take advantage of and sort issues they may experience with the programs with other user’s help.

Another cheap project management software program is known as ProjectPier which lets you manage messages, tasks and milestones as well which are all important in project management. It is open source software as well meaning that it is free of charge. All these programs are ideal for project managers who want cheap programs or free programs.