Merlin Project Management Software Can Make Difference

Business users of Mac OSX are well aware of their limitations in finding compatible software for the Mac. If you are looking for project management software you may be disappointed by the number of programs out there which only work with Windows or Linux. (Just be thankful you are not looking for these programs in a Vista compatible version!) However you may have overlooked a popular and powerful project management tool available for the Mac. That tool is none other than the Merlin Project Management Software offered by the German company ProjectWizards.

Don't be afraid of the company's origins in Europe. We assure you that with an evaluation Merlin Project Management Software and its companion web site are written in perfectly fluent English. Merlin is a compact but extremely powerful project management application. Merlin Project Management Software is currently in its second incarnation, known as Merlin 2.

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A free trial of Merlin 2 is available if you are not yet convinced that Merlin Project Management Software is right for you. In many areas Merlin shows you new, entirely different and very practical ways to save additional information in your projects. You may be surprised with all that Merlin has to offer you! Merlin 2 offers more features than any other OSX based project management solution on the market, with an affordable price to boot. The software can be used by many types, including architects, to keep their projects on track.

If you are interested in more of the Merlin story, then look at their history. Merlin's developer, ProjectWizards, was founded in 2002 by Frank Blome. Frank had practiced project management for many years in companies large and small. ProjectWizards partnered with two fellow companies, one in Switzerland, the other in Austria, to provide the entire German speaking community of Europe with first class project management solutions. From this simple beginning, Merlin Project Management Software was born.

Today Merlin Project Management Software is available in multiple languages and is employed across the globe as a main part of project planning methodology. The current version, Merlin 2, was released in 2006, and is being constantly developed. Beta versions of Merlin are available on the product's web site for download by Merlin customers. ProjectWizards is supported by a network of experts; providing you a wealth of knowledge and support should you need it. By concentrating the development of Merlin exclusively on OSX, ProjectWizards is able to deliver a high quality product and fast innovation. Whether you are involved in real estate or provide hosted services through your IT business, if you use a Mac, Merlin is the right project management tool for you.